北海道精子提供ボランティア きゅうすけ

精子提供ボランティアです。不妊に悩むご夫婦、シングルマザー希望者等対象。札幌近郊にて、無償で行っています。 I am free Sperm Donation volunteer in Hokkaido, Japan. This blog is written both in English and in Japanese.

無償提供の理由 Why I am donating sperm, without receiving money.



















I have been donating my sperm as a volunteer, that is, without receiving money more than necessary expences. There are two reasons: for children, and for competeng other infertility treating methods.


For children

Recipients give birth to their children. They need money to bear and grow children. For example, they have to go to hospital when they are pregnant, and after birth children need food, clothes, house, and education.

When I think about this, I decided not to receive money than is needed. Money should be used for children, not for my reward. That is definitely the most peaceful way of using money, both for recipients and children, and also for me. I think it is my obligation not to receive money, in order to make recipients and their children happier.


Competing other infertility treating methods

 There are many methods to treat infertility. For example, in hospital methods like artificial insemination or hormone insertion are used, bearing good performance. Or there are foundation that utilize sperm donation by receuvung money.

These ways usually require much money, and it must be tough for recipients. I often hear that we need tens of thousands of yen for just 1 time of treatment, and finally we need several million yen to succeed in becoming pregnant. Of couse these money is used to maintain medical quality or service, but it is a problem that individual need to pay that money without enough public support. 

If infertility treatments require a lot of money, people who are in need but suffering from poverty cannot use these methods. That is the problem. So I thought out this system: I donate my sperm without receiving any money than is needed, that is, I require only necessary expences like tea fee for interview, syringe fee for syringe method, and room fee for natural mating method. 


I am doing this volunteer without receiving money unnecessary, and I want to tell you that I decided this as an obligation for sperm donor. Please make this article one hint for thinking about receiving sperm donation.


Please visit this page if you are thinking about being a sperm-donation recipient.


2月活動報告 February report
















Donation for S.E 

I donated my sperm to S.E, 3 times by syringe method. This is 5th time for S.E.

Donation for M.T

I donated my sperm to M.T, 3 times by Syringe method. This is 2nd time for M.T.

S.R told me that she want to be a recipient.

S.R, whom I interviewed in January, told me that she want to be a recipient. 


There is 1 month left bofore snow melts. I am looking forward to enjoying warm spring weather, although I have to deal with the snow fall today.

I hope 2 women, who are pregnant through donation now, will give birth to their babies without trouble, and recipients success to become pregnant.


Please visit this page if you are thinking about being a sperm-donation recipient.






I will write this Sperm-Donation blog both in English and Japanese, because I noticed there are people who are living in Hokkaido and need these information, but they are from overseas and cannot read Japanese.

Please visit this page if you are thinking about being a sperm-donation recipient.

Kyusuke: Sperm donation volunteer in Hokkaido.



   Hello, I am Kyusuke. I am a sperm-donation volunteer in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. I would like to help you to be pregnant.

   I started this volunteer because of a woman. She is a smart, cheerful woman who is very eager to work, but she couldn't have child because she was too elderly when she started to be pregnant. She said, "If I knew that too old women cannot be pregnant,  I would start the action earlier..." She still does not have a child. When I hear about this story from her, I decided to begin this volunteer so that I can give the chance to be plegnant to women who are like her.



Name: Kyusuke

Age:  Early 20s

Address: Hokkaido

Height: 172cm

Weight: 64kg

Blood type: A (AO)  Rh+

Body: Muscular.

Face: Handsome. Double eyelid. My hair is soft and a little curly. Row of teeth is beautiful.

Academic background: I graduated from a Japanese national university.

Nonessential glocery items: I don't smoke. I only drink little alcohol only when I am with my coworkers or there is a party. 

Job: I belong to a science reseaeching company.

Personality: Cheerful, active, and full of curiosity.

Hobbies: Martial arts and music.

 Performance: A woman succeeded in being pregnant through Natural-mating method, and she gave birth to a baby in October 2017. Two women succeeded in being pregnant through syringe method. 


 I donate my sperm for women who are thinking about being a single mother, or a couple who cannot be pregnant because of non-sperm disease,  or any reasons. Sexual minority women or couples can also be resipients of this volunteer.

If you want to take the chance to be resipient of sperm donation, please read through requirements written below. Also, you need to contact me through E-mail (hokkaidoseishi@gmail.com), filling the entry form far below of this page.

We hold Meeting & Donation when both we can take place. Please let me arrange the date through E-mail. 


  1. Methods

You can choose one method from two: Natural mating method (having normal sex), or Syringe method (using a syringe without needle). For more information, please visit 2 methods for sperm donation page.

You should keep it in your mind that you cannot always be pregnant when having sperm in your body. For example, there are cases who cannot be pregnant after 6 cycles. You shouldn't get irritated if there are many failures.


  1. Meeting & Interview

You have to meet me, and have to hold an inertview before sperm donation.

You may want to know what type of person I am, because my gene will make the half of your child. What is more, to confirm that you can trust me is necessary. And so I do: I also want to know your personality, and confirm you are responsible person. 

Because of these reasons, we have to meet and inetrview each other before donation. We hold this near Sapporo station, at a lobby of a hotel or a cafe, where we can meet in relaxing atmosphere.

When both of us trust each other, I will start donation. In case you cannot trust me after meeting, please tell me that you quit being a resipient. In case I feel that I cannot trust you, I won't donate you.


  1. Not being affected by Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

This is required for protecting not only both of us, but also other resipients. You need to take clinical examination in a hospital. My current condition is shown in Current condition in the blog, and you can order me to re-check my body, if you cover the money. 


  1. Having responsibiity, and enough income

Having a child through AID (Artificial Insemination by donor) is not common in Japan. You need to have strong responsibility to do this, because there are possibilities of criticism or other difficulties.

Also, you need enough income to grow child, because it costs much money to raise children in Japan. 

You need to fight against there obstacles.



  1. Identity is secret. 

I do not give you any information about my identity. You must not tell me your identity. It will help both of us.


  1. You have to take all responsibility about your child.

You have to take custody of your child. You need to do all needs for your child.  (e.g. adminisirative procedures, educations, etc.) 

I do not give you any money for child support.

Please promise that you care your child at least until he or she grows to be adult and gets a job. In case a baby with disability is born, you have to be responsible the baby's life.


  1. You need to tell your child about sperm donation.

It will need much courage to tell your child about sperm donation. However, you need to tell your child about it, because there are some sad cases without telling it.For example,  a child who was born through sperm donation injured his father, when he  noticed that he is not inheriting the father's genes before wedding. This could be prevented if he was told about it when he was a child.

Telling your child about it will at first give him a shock, but I believe that he can overcome the fact and make strong identity through the fact. The life with the telling must be more wonderful one than the life with hidden birth secret.


  1. Donation for couple (including sexual minorities)

If you are married, or have a partner close to marry, firstly please discuss sperm donation. If you decided to take the chance, you need to come to the Meeting & Interview with your partner. If your partner cannot come to the Meeting & Interview, at lease you need to confirm that he/she admit sperm donation.

In case your condition is extraordinary, please explain me about it.

Anyway, you and your partner need to fill all the requirements.


  1. About money

I require the following money: cafe fee at Meeting & Interview, Transport expences, Hotel fee (for Natural-mating method), Syringe fee (for Syringe method), and fee for re-checking sexual transmitted diseases. I do not require any other money. You don't need to honoraria for donation.


  1. Keep in touch.

Please keep in touch through E-mail. Do not leave my E-mail unopened or unsent. If you change your mind and decided to quit being a resipient, please tell me about it and the reason. Do not just stop connection.   

  1. Reading requirements well.

You read and correctly understand the requirements of this blog. I have these, because I think that not only you but also your child should be happy.

If you think that you fully understood the requirements, please copy & paste the entry form below, fill it and send me an E-mail.


E-mail Address

Kyusuke: Hokkaido Sperm donation volunteer 



Entry form


1. Name: 

2. Age: 

3. Address: 

4 Job: 

5. Income: 

6. Debts: 

7. Do you want me to re-check sexual transmitted diseases?: Yes or No

8. Method: Natural-mating method or syringe method

9. E-mail address (Available outside your house): 

10. When and where do you want to have Meeting & Interview? : (e.g. February 25, 26, or 27 at a hotel lobby near Sapporo station.)

11. When and where do you want to have donation?: (e.g. The same day and place as the Meeting.)

12. How much time span are you planning?: (e.g. 2 years, until I become pregnant.)

13. Do you have any disease?: 

14. In the future do you tell your child about sperm donation?: 

15. If you have a partner, he/she knows and admit sperm donation?: 

16. Do you fully understood that I do not give you any money for your child?: 

17. Do you have strong responsibility on your child?

18. Do you understand that you need to raise your child even if your child have disability?: 

19. Why do you want to be a recipient of sperm donation?: 

20. Do you promise that yoy don't keep in touch with other donors?: 

21. If you decide to quit, do you promise you tell me about it?: 

22. Do you promise me that you don't cancel Meeting or Donation without any notice?: 

23. Do you have any question about sperm donation, or anything about me?: 

24. Do you have anything you want me to know?: 



<How to be a recipient of sperm donation>

1. Read this article, copy & paste and fill in the entry form, above, and send me it through E-mail.

2. We decide when to have Meeting & Interview.


3. After Meeting & Interview, decide when to have sperm donation.

4. At the date, have a donation. (You can choose the same day as Meeting & Interview.)

5. Please tell me through E-mail wtether you succeeded in being pregnant.

6. If you need next challenge, again decide the date of donation.


Having a child through sperm donation means fighting against much responsibility, difficulty or pressure. Even though there are difficulties, if you decide to have child through donation, I will do all the efforts to make you pregnant, and to make you and your child happy.

If you have the courage, please contact me.



Kyusuke: Hokkaido Sperm donation volunteer 


2 Methods for sperm donation



There 2 methods for sperm donation: Natural-mating method and Syringe method. You can choose a method as you like.


Natural-mating method

You and me, Kyusuke, have natural mating (have normal sex) in a city hotel. This method is natural one, so it is easier to be pregnant than syringe method. However, if you have hesitation to do this method, I recommend you to choose syringe method.


Syringe method

I give you a syringe (without a needle) filled with sperm. I use a syringe kit sold in this website (in Japanese). Syringe method require less physical and mental cost. You  bring it your home, insert the syringe into your vagina and insert sperm into your womb.

1月活動報告 January report

















Meeting & Donation with M.T

I met and interviewed M.T. After that, I donated her through syringe method.

Meeting with S.R

I met and interviewed with S.R. She will decide whether to be recipient soon.

Inquiry from U.H

U.H sent me an E-mail that she want to be a recipient.


Current situation

 I am currently donating 2 people for syringe method. I have 1 person who finished Meeting & Interview, and 1 person who will have Meeting & Interview. 

1 person gave birth to a child, and 2 people are pregnant now.


Please visit this page if you are thinking about being a sperm-donation recipient.

性病検査結果:全て陰性(2018/01/16時点) Current condition






As the diagnosis results pictures above, I am free of syphilis, hepatitis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, or AIDS. (As of 2018/01/16.)



Please visit this page if you are thinking about being a sperm-donation recipient.